Improve the engine management
The ECM (engine control unit) is the main engine control unit. The memory of this ECU consists thousands of variables, directories and tables. These data determine how the ECU controls the engine; such as fuel, ignition, boost pressure etc. Every car manufacturer uses a margin when setting up the ecu, therefore the settings will never be optimal. By carefully adjusting this software and altering the parameters, the performance of the engine will improve significantly. More torque, more power, higher top speed and lower fuel consumption.

RICA software development
With specialized tools, we edit and optimize the variables of the ECM software. This meticulous process sometimes takes several days. We test and measure all the adjustments on our rollingroad to see how the engine responds and performs to these changes. If the software optimization is complete, we will use this as a template when customizing similar software versions. To ensure that the software has the latest requirements, we review the templates regularly.

The term ‘chiptuning’ originated from the time that a chip was replaced. In modern engine computers, the ECU uses a microprocessor which can be reprogrammed.
This way the ECU can remain in the car and can be programmed through the OBD2 diagnostics connector.
With older cars we still have to remove the chip, before the RICA software is installed.

‘Remapping’  is another term for chiptuning. The term ‘remapping’ is derived from the ‘customization of the folders’ in the software.